5 Things You Didn't Know About Sugar Daddies

sugar datingSugar dating or sugaring, as it is also known, is providing stiff competition to traditional dating. More and more people are jumping onto the Sugar dating wagon. For those who are new to the sugar dating world, I will describe what sugar dating is all about and who a sugar daddy is.

Sugar dating or sugaring is a paid dating arrangement usually between an older man known as the sugar daddy and a younger lady known as the sugar baby. This relationship is mutually beneficial to both parties. The sugar baby gets monetary rewards from the sugar daddy while the sugar daddy gets to enjoy the company of the sugar baby.

A sugar daddy can be described as a generous older man who spends money on his sugar baby. He takes the sugar baby on exotic trips and dates, buys her gifts, and generally ensures that she's well cared for according to the terms of their contract.

The world of sugar dating is filled with lots of dos and don'ts. To excel in it, you will have to get yourself acquainted with these rules. I will elaborate on the things you did not know about sugar daddies below. Read on and get yourself equipped for sugar dating.

Not All Sugar Daddies Are Old: It is commonly believed that sugar daddies are at least 45 years old, nothing could be further from the truth. The world is constantly changing and as such, people now make money at a younger age. With the advent of the Internet, we now have millionaires and multi-millionaires that are under the age of 30. So do not be awed if you come across a sugar daddy that is young.

Time Is Of The Essence: One of the major reasons why older men venture into the world of sugar dating is because of lack of time. Sugar daddies are often people who have a lot on their plate. They often work long hours in the office and as such are indisposed. All they seek is a connection; therefore a sugar baby should expect to see a sugar daddy less often than she would see her boyfriend.

Sugar Daddies Are Often Liberal: A major attribute of a sugar daddy is that he is liberal or generous. He lives to make his sugar baby happy as long as she makes him happy too. Irrespective of how much he makes, he will ensure that his sugar baby's needs are met.

Some Sugar Daddies Have Multiple Sugar Babies: It is not uncommon to see sugar daddies with multiple sugar babies. Since sugar dating is contractual, sugar daddies are at the liberty to engage as many sugar babies as they deem fit. The most important thing is to define the relationship from the onset.

Expect Different Rewards From Different Sugar Daddies: Not all sugar daddies have the same financial capacity. Even if they do, not all of them have the same preferences. It is therefore imperative that a sugar daddy states how he would want to reward his sugar baby. This could be in the form of monetary reward, tuition fee payment, exotic trips, mentoring, etc.

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